Mobicash offers a versatile end-to-end business solution that simplifies money transfer or payments between any one holding the Mobicash account.

Cash Disbursement & Payroll Management

Secure & instant transfer of large sums of money in real-time
to a big number of individual accounts at no additional costs.

  • Companies

  • NGOs

  • SACCOs

  • Farmer cooperatives

  • Factories, Schools

Payment collection

Have your clients pay you on your Mobicash
account for your products and services

  • School fees collection

  • Loan-repayment

  • Taxes and license

  • Subscription fees

  • Grocery Store & Supermarket

  • Beauty spa, clinic, bar or restaurant

E-commerce or trading online

Let your customer’s make payments online using
Mobicash webpage. Once authenticated, the
customer’s account will be debited and your
(trader’s) account credited automatically.

Payroll Management

Secure & instant payment of employees, casual laborers, masons...

Merchant Services

Our MOBISMS solution allows merchants to take payments directly from customer’s mobile phone. Whether you're a start-up needing recurring payments solutions, a mid-size retailer ready to move into e-commerce, a restaurant, retail or hospitality business needing mobile payments solutions, we can help.