• Client : Account holders confirm transactions by simply placing their fingertip on a scanner, which records the unique aspects of the fingertip and verifies that their identity is correct..... Click here for online registration

  • Agent : Agent performs the actual “Human ATM” function for MobiCash by giving cash (cash out) to customers, toping up their accounts (cash in) as well as enrolling people onto the platform. As the face of the product, the Agent is readily on hand to explain how the product works and make demonstrations to that effect where and when necessary. An Agent receives a commission on all transactions handled by his/her MobiCenter..... Click here for online registration

  • Merchant : Mcash facilitates electronic commerce. All the customer has to do at check out is select “MCash” as the payment option. They will be automatically redirected to the MCash website where they will sign off the payment by inputting their account information, their PIN information and bringing their phone next to their speakers when they pick up the phone after it rings. Once authenticated, the customer’s account will be debited and the Merchant’s account credited automatically. Click here for online registration