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A sizeabel number of Ugandans are financially excluded without a Bank account or Mobile oney wallet.Mcash bridges this gap by providing a wallet that links to banks and telecoms to give the users opportunity to access formal financial services.

Our Virtual Wallet is adaptable in closed communities like refugee camps, agriculture value chains, schools. Access to wallet account locally and internationally, with credit scoring capability, financial history tracking and real time transactions

General questions


What can my Virtual Wallet do?
You can use your virtual wallet to make cash deposits, cash withdrawals, merchant payments, receive and send money to various account types like bank account and mobile money account.
How do I access money on my virtual wallet?
You can withdraw your money from the wallet at an Mcash agent point or at an Inter Switch or Visa enabled ATM across the country.
Cross Border wallet access
You can access your wallet across the border at Visa ATMs and at VISA Merchant Points.
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